Campagna crowdfunding! Crowdfunding campaign!

Finalmente è stata lanciata la campagna crowdfunding per la traduzione in inglese del primo libro della saga “Il Canto delle Montagne – L’ombra della congiura”. Amici e amiche cliccate sul link e sostenete con un’offerta questo progetto! Scoprirete le ricche ricompense che ho preparato! Ogni offerta vi garantisce un premio!

Hi my friends!  It is to cover the costs of the translation into English and the publication of “The Song of the Mountains – The shadow of the conspiracy”. Everybody knows that translating books is not an easy job and that it takes a long time, especially when it is carried out with professional competence and attention. After several attempts, my team and I have found the right person for this task. We need to raise – 6000 $ to pay his long work. Then for the printing of the first run of the English copies, we need other 3000 $ , including international shipping.

Look at the rich perks prepared for you!